Someone read my mind!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a drawing program on the Macintosh which, after you’ve composed the artwork, can export the drawing commands for Cocoa’s Quartz or the iPhone, so you can cut and paste code to draw the same thing in your program?

I thought that would be so cool. And now it turns out someone beat me to it: Opacity.

Now if only there were exporters for Java AWT, Android’s UI toolkit, and Microsoft Windows…


So the designer I work with gives me colors to use in our application as a web hex color specification, and I need to put it into my iPhone application as RGB values in the range [0,1]. Or I need to pick some color, and I pick an H=210° color, but I need to plug in the color into my application as integer RGB values. Or I need to type in [UIColor colorWithRed:xxx green:yyy blue:zzz alpha:1.0], and I’ve got r=110, g=250, b=155.

So out goes the calculator, and a lot of “155 [Enter] 255 [div]” and typing in the first three digits past the decimal place.

I’m a programmer. I can create tools.

So I built ColorPicker, a Macintosh-only program which allows you to set and adjust colors, and copy them in four different ways, so they can be quickly pasted into Mac, Windows or Java code.

Redistribute as you please, hopefully it will be useful to folks.