I’m live (yay!)

Finally finished the main ChaosInMotion pages.

Of course the work is never done: my LunarPages account was set up to allow me to run JSP pages, and I eventually intend to create and install a bug tracking system as well as other goodies.

But at least my major self-imposed milestone was completed a day early.

Installing MediaWiki on a LunarPages Account

So just a moment ago I managed to install MediaWiki, the software project which drives Wikipedia, on a LunarPages based web site (this one). It turned out to be fairly straight forward. Here’s what I did:

(1) Downloaded MediaWiki v1.6.8. (Newer version require a newer version of PHP, and the version currently running on the LunarPages servers is 4.4.)
(2) Unpacked and copied the entire MediaWiki folder (mediawiki-1.6.8) into the public_html directory. Renamed the folder to ‘wiki’.
(3) Using the MySQL account maintanance page, created a new database (username_wiki1) and a new MySQL user (username_wiki1), and added the new user to the new database, giving the new user full permissions over the database.
(4) Loaded the Wiki site (chaosinmotion.com/wiki), then followed the directions. Because the database is already created in step 3, you don’t need to have root permissions or anything like that.
(5) Follow the rest of the directions, such as moving the LocalSettings.php file to the wiki directory.

I think MediaWiki looks a lot better than the phpWiki software that comes with LunarPages.

Now I just need to copy the content from the old site, and I should be up and running.

Howdy y’all!

This is the next incarnation of the Chaos In Motion site, a web site I first started putting together on the theory I was going to go off and start my own company. Then I found a job at Symantec, and turned this web site into a Wiki. Well, the Wiki is still here (just as soon as I get around to uploading the files), but I find the more time I spend reading other people’s development blogs, the more I find I want to add to the conversation.

Hello, world!

Me; I’m a software developer and have been for the past 20 years. I have a passion for good user interface design and good design in general, and have written software for a variety of platforms, from MacOS X to the original Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Linux, various flavors of Linux, embedded development (both for WinCE and other platforms, and also way back when “embedded” meant you had to know the processor’s start vector and debugging was as much about ocilloscopes and flashing EEPROMs), and goodness knows what. Nowadays I spend most of my professional life in C++, my personal life tinkering with Java, and wishing I had more time to play with Objective C.

But who cares about that? Over the next few days I hope to post a few comments about stuff I’ve encountered while writing code, including some quirks in Java, some oddities in WinCE, and why the BMW iDrive is incredibly annoying.